7th May     50 Comments

New Site

Due to some major difficulties, the website is now to be found here.


29th April     37 Comments

Best Laid Plans…

Despite heroic efforts on the part of Maryknoll and our great travel group, Quest, the international service trip is not going to be a possibility this summer.

Should you wish to participate in service work we do still have two great opportunities on the horizon.  The trip to Franciscans for the Poor in Cincinnati this July is a great chance to work hands on to help those in our own country suffering from hunger, homelessness, and poverty.

This winter over  Christmas break, teens 16 & older are invited to join us on a service trip to New Orleans.  The rebuilding effort continues in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Details for all these are listed on the Special Events page.



28th April     32 Comments

El Salvador

Right now I do not have many solid details.  Maryknoll is still checking with their people on the ground in San Salvador.  I am basically combining what they had told me regarding our original plans for Bolivia with the obvious changes for El Salvador.

We will be leaving on July 30 with return flights getting us back likely very late in the day on August 9 or quite early on August 10 (right now we’re looking at returning just after 12:00 am on August 10).

We will be staying in a retreat center in San Salvador or the near vicinity.

We will work in and with ministries that Maryknoll Lay missioners already have established with those in need in the city.  Possible activities include working with the nursery age group, a youth ministry, the elderly, helping with English classes, helping with computer classes, working on the grounds (maintenance, painting, etc).

They also incorporate the time and transportation to give us an understanding of their other ministries to places like prisons and hospitals, where for obvious reasons we may not be able to directly volunteer.

In addition they structure in times and activities that will give us a cultural taste of the city and country.  We will see some sights, I’m hoping for the Romero Center and such.  We will have a couple of opportunities to head to the markets to make sure you have gifts for your family back home.

The flights are looking like they will be right around $700.  (My first quote was at $700 even.)  Maryknoll has given me a quote of $600 to cover our ground expenses of the retreat center, food, transportation, etc.

I hope that this information helps.  Please let me know what else I can help you with.  You may want to go to the Maryknoll site directly for some photos and experiences of their Lay Missioners in El Salvador.  They also do have years of experience with groups like alternative break trips going down there, so they know how to handle a group of young people coming for a short period of time.

Due to the need to solidify flights, I will need solid commitments by May 5 that would include sending me the cost of airfare and some sort of registration that includes name (as listed on their passport), address, phone numbers (teen’s and parents’), emails (teen and parent).  I would then be able to follow up with additional details as we move forward.

Parents are welcome to join us on this trip too.  I have already one mother-daughter team.  I just ask that you find out from the teen if it is truly ok for them to have their parent come along.


28th April     44 Comments

Special Youth Group This Week

This Sunday is the Senior Farewell.  We will begin youth group early this week at 6:00 pm. We will conclude at our normal time, 9:00 pm.

We’ll have dinner, but if you feel like you have a treat to share with the group, then please bring something.

See you Sunday!



9th April     27 Comments

Happy Easter

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter and those that were blessed with Spring Break this week enjoyed their time off.

This Sunday, Youth Group resumes.  Join us at 7 pm for the youth group in the youth room.

A few reminders of up-coming special events:

  • Wednesday, April 14 - 6:30-7:45 help with the 8th grade religious education classes to let them know about our high school youth ministry
  • Thursday, April 15 - Bolivia Trip meeting at 7 pm for all participants.
  • Saturday, April 17 - Help babysit for the kids of the new parishioners attending a new parishioner event.  We need you to arrive at 6 pm.  The kids will be there from 6:30 -8:00 pm.  Then we’ll have an ice cream party.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!